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Basically [we’re] rejecting a lot of the techniques that we know do work in terms of getting people to click as much as possible, read as much as possible, stay as much as possible.

Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and the rest of our social networks have trained us to respond to notifications like Pavlovian dogs. So we were surprised to hear Brian Bailey, creator of a new social network called Uncommon, isn’t out to get you addicted.

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(via fastcompany)

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Jenny Züko: Maven of Madness Cast in Plastic

There are a few stores in our fair ‘burg that seem to shall we say, share an affinity for one another and for the services that they provide to the community.

Dream in Plastic is unique in that it does not. One could argue that similar stores hawk what is referred to by some as Kitsch, such as our very own Galaxie-13, or any of the boutique Antique Stores, or even the very new and recently opened American Gypsy Vintage Boutique. However, when it comes to pop-culture there is but one haven of all things plastique and cutesy, pop-culturesque and tongue-in-cheek, the delightfully photogenic and weird: Dream in Plastic. 

Some businesses are born from bouts of introspective reflective thought, others come from inheritance, and yet others still are passed on through sheer nepotism. I would argue that although there is nothing wrong with these business models, I would say that the the best kinds of businesses are founded through obsession and necessity. Dream in Plastic was one such business created out of the need, and some would say unreasonably strong desire for designer vinyl toys. In particular the “Dunny” series created by Kid Robot.

The store is the trailblazing vision of the young and vivacious Jenny Züko, (who if cut open I believe would bleed polychrome punk-rock kitsch juice rather than your normal, totally run of the mill blood). She is a lover of toys, adult and otherwise, and wants you to share in her taste for the obscure and the extraordinary.

The following interview took me into the mind and origins of Jenny Züko, her idiosyncratic desires, and what Dream in Plastic and her plans for the future mean to this town today. 

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Jenny Züko rocks!

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Why Social Media

I was emailed today and asked, why the hell would I use social media for my company? Below is my short response. I thought I would post it to see if anyone agreed. 

My number one reason for using social media for brand awareness? Reach! Building brand awareness is about reaching more people. The incredible strength of social media is “reach" and using all the different channels of social media can help you extend your brand’s presence by reaching tons of people in only moments.  We offer setup, training, monitoring, or we can handle everything. Whatever your budget we have a social-media solution. Call me. -Drew

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Client: We appreciate the work you have done so far, but we have more projects and we can’t afford to hire you for all of them. We hired a new intern. He doesn’t know PHP, but he is a quick learner. We would appreciate it if you teach him what you’ve been doing for us.

Me: Do you mean you want me to teach him PHP?

Client: Yes, just real quick.